Kind Kids Club

Kind Kids Club is a program that allows children to come together for kindness. It is a safe place for kids of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to share, talk, and volunteer. It is focused on fostering kindness towards others,  empowering children through peer support, and building the unique confidence and joy that comes from helping others. Once monthly we will be sponsoring an event where all kids (and parents) can join us to help MAKE KINDNESS CONTAGIOUS with fun art projects, donation drives, and other hands on kindness activities! Check out the events page and visit us on Facebook or Instagram @KindKidsRule to learn about upcoming MKC Projects and events to participate in. 

Suprise Notes

Small words of encouragement create a big impact on our children. Dropping a note in their lunchbox, sticking one to the bathroom mirror, or laying it on their pillow before bedtime is a fun way to let your kids know they are loved, exactly the way they are. Try using a few of our Surprise Notes ideas and watch your their spirits soar! You can find them on Facebook at or on Instagram @kindkidsrule. Search #SurpriseNotes, or shoot us a note and request a PDF or a pack of notes on glossy business card format that can be used over and over again.

Kids Random Acts of Kindness

More than anything, we love to hear the stories of others who are inspired to spread kindness. KRAK – Kids Random Acts of Kindness – is all about encouraging kids to find their own ways to make kindness contagious. The challenge is to “KRAK” down on bullying by committing an act of kindness. It can be as simple as sitting next to someone who is alone at lunch, or as big as starting a community or school project. We encourage kids to record their good deeds and send them in. We will feature them on our Facebook page, Instagram, and this website as an Ambassador of  Kindness!

Kindness Gardens

We love to get our hands dirty! MKC is planting squash, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and strawberries (plus a few bee friendly flowers) in the New Albany Community Gardens! The Kind Kids take an active roll in learning how to grow and harvest organic foods. We are sharing our efforts by donating the entire bounty to the New Albany Food  Pantry at the end of the season. Help with watering and harvesting is always welcomed. You know our plots marked with “Kindness Grows Here” and “MKC” signs. 

Kind Rocks are also sprinkled throughout the gardens to help KINDNESS GROW.