About Us

Make Kindness Contagious is a group of kids and parent volunteers who want to spread kindness by celebrating what makes each of us unique. We know that today’s world is filled with challenges that can diminish self-confidence in kids. Being kind is a great way to build self-esteem. 

Kris Foley – President

I’m a mother to three amazing kids that keep me on my toes as an advertising executive for iHeartMedia. 

I’ve been blessed to see first hand what an impact a simple act of kindness can have for a child and how contagious it really can be. At the moment we discovered that our daughter, Lauren, had Alopecia, we decided to empower her to celebrate what makes her stand out. 

The reality is that every person goes through tings — sometimes you can see the physical challenge, but most often, you can’t. You never know what is happening in their world. We have learned resilience through watching our daughter thrive and are grateful for the support she gets from the community. It makes me want to create the same foundation for other kids.

At my core, I’m rooted in helping others thrive and rise–to be a better person, to help businesses grow, and to inspire collaboration. 

Suzanne Ross – Vice President

I am the mother of two beautiful girls and I encourage them to be driven and to be kind, every day. I am passionate about teaching my girls to provide support and understanding whenever and wherever there is an opportunity. 

I grew up inspired and encouraged by watching my family members with Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Sclerosis not only struggle with and conquer challenges, prejudices, and misconceptions about who they are, but actually step up to help others in need. 

Helping someone in need, is something I am very passionate about.  Being a part of Make Kindness Contagious is fulfilling my dream of creating more kindness and infusing it into every day life for generations to come.

Megan Douglas – Secretary/Treasurer

“Work Hard and Be Kind” is a motto I have let guide me in both my personal and professional life. I strive to be a good example for my two great kids and am always looking for opportunities to help instill these same values in them. 

My family moved to Ohio in 2017, 2 months into the school year. My daughter, Sylvie, was lucky enough to have Kat and Lauren Foley in her first grade class. Lauren put extra effort into being kind to the “new kid”, which has evolved into a great friendship. Thanks to Kris and her daughters’ kindness, we were able to transition to a new state and school much easier than it could have otherwise been. 

 I’m so excited to now pay that kindness forward in helping Kris achieve the Make Kindness Contagious Mission. 

Lauren Foley, daughter of founding partner Kris Foley, developed Alopecia Universalis when she was five. She lost all of her hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes within 4 months. Lauren owns this. She is quietly fierce and sweetly confident. She has learned to appreciate what makes her unique. Empowering her to celebrate what makes her stand out is essential. Kris has dedicated the last few years to finding support throughout the Alopecia community and foundations dedicated to bringing awareness to this disease. But mostly, she wants to fulfill Lauren’s dream of just making people more kind. In Lauren’s own words, “I don’t mind if people stare, I just wish they would smile more when they did”. Lauren is an inspiration to all who know her. She is the inspiration for this project and we hope that she inspires you as well…to be kind, to give, to teach others that it is not only ok to be a little different, but something we should celebrate. But most of all, we hope she inspires you to smile and spread kindness to everyone, because the world needs a little more kindness in it. 


“Kind kids are the best way to a kind future.” -Kris Foley

“If you’re going to stare, SMILE!” -Lauren