The World needs more kindness.

Kind kids are the best way to a kind future. 

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The World needs more kindness. Kind kids are the best way to a kind future. 

Make Kindness Contagious is a group of kids and parent volunteers who want to spread kindness by celebrating what makes each of us unique. We know that today’s world is filled with challenges that can diminish self-confidence in kids. Being kind is a great way to build self-esteem. 

We’ve found that when you do good things, you feel better. Once you start, you want to do more. You’ll think of new ideas – big and small – for the next project. Other families, companies, and organizations see these programs in motion and ask to join in. Kindness is literally contagious. 

We are committed to kindness in action, and we hope you’ll join us.  From kid-friendly fundraisers for organizations that help others facing hardships, to random acts of kindness, we’re here to help coach kids through it and help them rise up. 

Let’s throw kindness around the country like it’s confetti!!!


You know what can be really scary? Cold weather. We want to help neighbors stay warm this winter. Our goal is to help the New Albany Food Pantry collect at least 1,000 pairs socks to give out to families who can use a little help. Please join us – use this Amazon Wish List, ( Sock-tober wish list )which ships directly to the food pantry or drop off your donation to their bins at he Phillip Heit Center for Healthy New Albany. Thank you!

Let’s be kind to our K-9 friends! Join Rescued Ohio and MKC: for a fantastically fun event that helps raise money for our furry friends in need. Kids and dogs are welcome to come trick-or-treat among the local vendors, walk in the costume parade, play games, do crafts, and meet adoptable pups! MKC will have a booth with decorate a cookie station, pup cups to fill up for your doggie friends, kind rock painting, and giveaways! 

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Meet the Team

We are Kris Foley, Megan Douglas, and Suzi Ross, the founders of MKC. We are committed to building a platform for kindness and a safe place to share stories, experiences, and ideas to help empower kids. The world needs more kindness. Frequency is the key.  In an age where bullying is peaking and confidence is dipping, we’re determined to take action and make kindness contagious.

We are three working moms who are passionate about kindness and empowerment. Drawn from inspiration from Lauren Foley, daughter of founding partner Kris Foley, who has Alopecia Universalis and has no hair. Lauren does not let that define her.  She has learned not only to celebrate her uniqueness, but to use it to encourage others to be kind. In Lauren’s own words, “I don’t care if people stare, I just wish they would smile when they do”. From this inspiration, MKC was developed and has quickly grown into an amazing group of volunteers dedicated to community, charity, and kindness. 

Our mission is to bring people together to support charities and foundations committed to combating bullying and encouraging kindness. We have beautiful children with kind souls who are getting to ages where they’re going to face social adversity. We want them to stay strong and do the right thing, which is rooted in genuine kindness. We want to be the example and lead the charge to creating a better world focused on Kindness, Equality, and Respect.

Find Out How You Can Help!

Together, we can do more than we can do alone. Let’s bring our abilities and passions together to affect real change. There are so many ways you can contribute to our cause and be a part of making kindness contagious. 

Contact us to find out more about how you can encourage kindness and confidence in your own kids, join our Kind Kids Club, learn about volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, or ways that you can get our message to your friends and family.


“Kind kids are the best way to a kind future.” -Kris Foley

“If you’re going to stare, SMILE!” -Lauren